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Fitting Center

Photo of Fitting Center

The Golf Club of Houston Fitting Center is here to offer you a comprehensive evaluation to precisely fit you into your new custom fit golf clubs. Offering a Tour level experience using Trackman launch monitor data for full swing and SAM Putt Lab for putting, the Golf Club of Houston Fitting Center will use fitting resources from the top manufactures in the game to optimize your new clubs. To fully understand the looks, sounds, feel and performance of each specific club, we are able to use an in-to-out hitting bay complemented with a full grass tee so that every one of the golf balls you hit during your session will be seen in full flight, using premium 3 piece practice balls.

To book your fitting experience, contact Ross Prachar at


Full Bag Fitting: $275
Partial Bag Fitting: $150
Wedge Fitting: $150
Putter Fitting: $150

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